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Late March – Goals and Loafing

I only have one passport, though.

Okay, so it’s officially April, I guess (and my kid brother’s 19th birthday, woo!), and I missed the March deadline.  But!  I figure I can blog twice this month, one now and one after Germany/turning 26 and that’ll at least bring my resolutions up to speed.

In March, I was sent to a huge convention for work held in Louisville, KY.  Now, in addition to being my first semi-truck show (surprising, I know), I was pleasantly blown away by the center of Louisville and the bar/restaurant selection available during our days there.  It was a great trip, and aside from the 5-hour delay in my return flight on Friday night (which resulted in an airport copy of The Hunger Games – the entire series of which I’ve now wept through and will likely read again).

The biggest impact the trip had, though, was surprisingly on the flight there, while I flipped through the Delta in-flight magazine out of lack of book-material in my carry-on (a mistake I will not be making again).

There was a great article in there about how Western students are moving East for business study, and it focused on a few international business schools that are coming into the spotlight in destinations like Singapore and Hong Kong for the hungry graduate student.  One particular school, INSEAD, caught my eye.  They have campuses in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and Fountainebleu, France and are a top 10 international MBA program.

Immediately, I wanted it.  The international pedigree, another year overseas, the personal career advisor, the six-figure salary average, and the potential for hand-picking my country of residence.  Since swiping the magazine directly into my laptop bag, I’ve thought about relatively nothing else (Katniss Everdeen notwithstanding).  This is something I desperately want.

Warning - Lofty Life Goals and Highly Addictive Substance Within

Last night I started my GMAT research.  I have three incredibly challenging goals to accomplish before I apply.  700+ on the GMAT, bringing my French to fluency, and ramping up my blogging buisness to require two employees.  Those things should secure me in the contender zone for the program and as my credit is still progressively increasing by the day, I should be able to fund myself through the program!

This is, obviously, a long-term goal.  I’m going to drop $800-ish on a Kaplan prep course for the GMAT, find a private French tutor, and go through Ramit’s Earn1K course several more times before I will have any of these goals in-hand.  I also need to start the scholarship hunt in earnest and ramp my professional presence here at Level 6 into hyperdrive so I have excellent references.  (Side note: personal blogging during the workday perhaps not the best way to accomplish this).

I’ve floated through the fantasy of a top-10 MBA for the last week, though.  It’s been a good one and a realistic one (I hope!).  And finally, for the first time maybe since I left London, I don’t feel like age is creeping up on me, ready to whack me over the head until I’m slumped into suburban submission.  I feel like maybe I’m still young and full of promise, and all I have to do is chase after it.

So, as far as I’m concerned, March was a good month.


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